The Lupus Bible & Norton Protocol: An Honest Review

To begin with, I must express my gratitude to you for coming here to my blog site. In the following paragraphs, I’ll be supplying my very own review of the e-book Lupus Bible & Norton Protocol by Julia Liu. This book discusses the autoimmune disease lupus and just how the writer had overcome it. This e-book also features the five simple steps regarding how to beat this ailment.

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Julia Liu is another former victim of the autoimmune disease, which is lupus; she’s battled a great deal, and wasted more income for lupus therapy. The fight for lupus would be a living hell for Julia, she was 32 when the doctors identified her with lupus. From that day, everything fell apart. Her husband left her, she lost her job, and there are those individuals whom she thought were good friends also left her. Only her parents and 2 other close buddies was beside her all throughout those horrible years. But those days started to fade when she met Herman Norton, an alternative treatment specialist that has spent 26 years of his existence experimenting on lupus. Together, they’ve conquered the condition that destroyed Julia’s previous life.

Today, Julia, along with the studies of Herman, produced an eBook entitled Lupus Bible and Norton Protocol. The aim would be to help individuals who are experiencing lupus. This book provides you with specific information from the lupus ailment that would certainly make you comprehend it more clearly.


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Listed here are the signs of lupus:

•           Constant body malaise and low energy

•           Unexplained joint problems

•           Sleeping issues

•           Noticeable skin changes or breakouts

•           Always anxious or nervous


Getting a minimum of 2 from the above signs for lupus indicates you almost certainly possess the disease. But its not necessary to fret, Julia’s Lupus Bible & Norton Protocol has got the solutions for you.


When you purchase a copy of the book, these are the secrets that will certainly help you:

•           The formally proven 5-step Norton Protocol that finishes and eradicates lupus.

•           The reasons for your discomfort.

•           You’ll find out about one substance that’s literally miraculous when used accordingly.

•           Comprehensive listing of stuff that you might want to avoid so as not to aggravate lupus.

•           You’ll discover the secret towards the real cause of lupus symptoms.

•           Pointing the very real cause of the condition and getting rid of it per week.


Those are just some of the key details you need to know to be able to eradicate sign of lupus. In addition to that, this e-book also shares some treatment for lupus that is much inexpensive compared to drugs recommended by doctors.




The Lupus Bible & Norton Protocol is downloadable for just $37, having a 100% two months cash back guarantee. Should you download your personal copy now, you may also get free e-book bonuses like PMS to PPD, Natural Detox, Stretchmarks Resolved and much more. To discover more details, visit and experience an existence free of lupus.


Click Here to visit Julia Liu’s Lupus Bible & Norton Protocol Official Website

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