Dr. Gary’s Natural Lupus Treatment: An Honest Review

To begin with, I must express my gratitude to you for coming here to my blog site. In the following paragraphs, I’ll be supplying my very own review of the e-book Natural Lupus Treatment system by Dr. Gary M. Levine. This book discusses the autoimmune disease lupus and just how the writer discovered natural treatments through his own time of hardship. This e-book also features the simple steps regarding how to beat this ailment.

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Dr. Levin was not a victim of the autoimmune disease called lupus but of a heart issue which required surgery. While he was recovering through cardiac rehabilitation he got involved with a colleague who practiced allopathic and alternative medicine. After running his own clinic for more than 40 years before retirement he now began to see a different side of medicine one which would lead him to create the e-book Natural Lupus Treatment System.

Today, Dr. Gary Levin is helping lupus patients with a step-by-step system that rehabilitates your immune system and boosts the body’s natural supporting systems to begin eliminating all lupus symptoms.


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Listed here are the signs of lupus:

•           Constant body malaise and low energy

•           Unexplained joint problems

•           Sleeping issues

•           Noticeable skin changes or breakouts

•           Always anxious or nervous


Getting a minimum of 2 from the above signs for lupus indicates you almost certainly possess the disease. But it’s not necessary to fret, Dr. Levin’s Natural Lupus Treatment has got the solutions for you.


When you purchase a copy of the book, these are the secrets that will certainly help you:

•           The Proven and tested lupus treatment system that finishes and eradicates lupus.

•           The reasons for your discomfort.

•           You’ll find out about the substances that are literally miraculous when used accordingly.

•           Comprehensive listing of stuff that you might want to avoid so as not to aggravate lupus.

•           You’ll discover the secret towards the real cause of lupus symptoms.

•           Pointing the very real cause of the condition and getting rid of it ASAP.


Those are just some of the key details you need to know to be able to eradicate sign of lupus. In addition to that, this e-book also shares some treatment for lupus that is much more inexpensive compared to drugs recommended by doctors.



Dr. Gary’s Natural Lupus Treatment System is downloadable for just $47.99, having a 100% two months cash back guarantee. Should you download your personal copy now, you may also get free e-book bonuses like Your Guide to Eating Healthy,You Can Heal Yourself, The Handbook of Relaxation, and more. To discover more details, visit the link below and experience an existence free of lupus.


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Knowing Lupus: A Natural Lupus Treatment Review

Hello there. Most likely, you or a family member is a sufferer of autoimmune disease that’s known as lupus and which the quest of treatment for lupus has introduced you here to my review website.  In that case, this information is exclusively devoted to tackle not just the character and signs of lupus sickness but of the very effective yet safe treatment for lupus known within the area of alternative treatment today


To begin with, lupus relates to some medical problem which our body’s defense mechanisms attacks the healthy tissue. The defense mechanisms allegedly functions to safeguard and defend against microbe or viral attacks. Thus, a functioning defense mechanisms comprises a sound body. Consequently, with reasons yet unknown, the lupus condition reverses the procedure in which the body is injured through the defense mechanisms.


These are the common signs of lupus:


-General body weakness

-Low energy

-joint problems

-sleep problems

-skin breakouts



Lupus symptoms may exist in aspects of your body including the brain, with that, the individual can experience severe head aches, numbness, vision problems, and often, seizures.


Clinician with over 40 years experience in the medical field has helped countless people and seeing the devastation of lupus firsthand. When he himself became ill with a heart issue and was going through cardiac rehabilitation he connected with a colleague who showed him the art of allopathic medicine. Since that time Dr. Gary Levin has found a new-found passion for curing illness like lupus through alternative and natural means of healing. It was out of this that he created this e-book Dr. Gary’s Natural Lupus Treatment.


Within the Natural Lupus Treatment Program you’ll have the ability to learn not just the treatment for lupus but also the secrets that may ultimately reverse and eradicate the lupus illness:


-the proven and examined Step-by-step protocol for any holistic and permanent lupus reversal

-causes of the lupus condition you have been neglecting for a very long time

-learn the virtually unknown substances that may ultimately change the effects of lupus

-along with other life altering secrets that may restore your defense mechanisms to its optimum condition


With every download of the Dr. Gary’s Natural Lupus Treatment System you will be entitled with other health-marketing and life-enhancing e-books like:


-Help Your Teen Lose Weight Easily And In A Healthy Way

– How To Boost Your Metabolism And Lose Weight

– and much more.


You can follow this link and provide yourself an opportunity to be restored and become cured from the lupus sickness.


Dr. Gary’s Natural Lupus Treatment Review: What is Lupus?

This short article, influenced by  Dr. Gary’s Natural Lupus Treatment ebook, will discuss lupus, its signs and symptoms, and remedies. Let’s first discuss, what is lupus? Lupus is really a medical problem in which the defense mechanisms from the body attacks healthy tissue. Our body’s defense mechanisms is the one which defends against any microbe or viral attacks. An effective defense mechanisms comprises a really healthy person. Within the situation of lupus, the defense mechanisms may be the one leading to the condition and wrecking your body. The reason for this, however, is yet unknown.


The lupus has four primary types which are, systemic lupus erythematosus or SLE, discoid lupus erythematosus, drug-caused lupus erythematosus, and neonatal lupus erythematosus. Of these types, probably the most serious and common type of lupus may be the systemic lupus erythematosus. This type of lupus is chronic, meaning lengthy-lasting, and it is common among women compared to males.


You will find different signs of lupus, which are:


•             Joint pains. People getting SLE usually develop joint disease.

•             Nephritis or inflammation from the renal system particularly the kidneys.

•             Chest pains triggered by solidification of the arterial blood vessels therefore increasing the risk of cardiac arrest.

•             Shortness of breath and elevated blood pressure within the lung area

•             Headaches

•             Body malaise

•             Fever of unknown cause.

•             Swollen lymph nodes will also be a sign of lupus.


Sometimes, lupus symptoms is based on which part of the body system is affected. When the brain tissue are attacked, the individual experiences head aches, numbness, tingling sensation, vision problems, and seizures. Signs for lupus, once the respiratory system is affected, include shortness of breath and coughing of blood. Nausea, vomiting, and abdominal discomfort are experienced when the digestive system is affected. You will observe abnormal heart rhythms if this involve the heart. For individuals struggling with discoid lupus (patients getting signs and symptoms in the dermal area), fingers that change color when cold along with a patchy skin tone could be observed.


Actually there is no cure yet discovered for lupus, however, you will find methods to control and manage its signs and symptoms. The aim of the treatments of lupus generally would be to let the patient experience more comfort and lesser pain. Lupus therapy for mild cases includes using NSAIDs or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to deal with joint problems. Adrenal cortical steroids can be used for skin breakouts.


For severe cases of lupus, high-dosage of adrenal cortical steroids is offered to lower the responsiveness of the immune system. If the said drugs can’t make the patient better, cytotoxic medicine is used, however these drugs have serious unwanted effects and requires constant monitoring.


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Lupus is generally known to have no cure, I’ve experienced taking care of someone with lupus in the past. I’ve seen the pain and suffering that they go through everyday. Upon purchasing and reading The Lupus Bible & Norton Protocol, I’ve found out that this kind of disease can still be beaten.

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